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Network Conditions

30 ms_


NOTE: Please refresh this page every
15 minutes to ensure that the most
current data is displayed.

  What you'll find Network Conditions At-A-Glance
  This is where you can monitor the ongoing status of our Global IP Network. This site provides you with the following valuable information:
>Monthly network performance
>Network latency
(15-minute statistics)
>Network loss* (15-minute

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A quick glance at the icons on the right side of your screen lets you know how well traffic is moving on the network.

A sun shows the network is performing smoothly.
A cloud tells you there are some network problems.
On very rare occasions, you may see
a stormy sky. This indicates more serious network problems. Fortunately, this is a very rare network condition.
  *Loss% is (100 - Data Delivery%)    

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